Wat Yannasangwararam is located in a huge park like garden area around 20 kilometers south of Pattaya City. It is a very sacred place for Thai people to visit. Foreigners are of course welcome. It is well worth spending an hour or so visiting the beautifully landscaped gardens at this temple. The temple gardens are located on the edge of a huge lake. This enhances the tranquility of the area.

Meditation classes are sometimes held at the Wat. It is a popular Wat for Thai people to stay over for extended periods such as 4 or 5 days of meditation.

The temple is under the patronage of HM the King. There are several temples and pagodas in the area. One of the pagodas contains ancient Buddha relics. On the opposite side of the lake is a Chinese Museum containing priceless antiques from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. It is known as Wihan Sian. Also add the museum to your itinerary for a visit. It will only cost you about 60 baht for the entrance fee and is well worth it.