The Boomerang Bar is located on Soi 7 just a bit further than halfway into the soi from the Second Road end. Soi Seven runs between Beach Road and Second Road. The bar girls begin to arrive at the bars at about five o'clock in the afternoon. Some girls get to the bar a little later but most arrive at around 5 p.m.

As it's name suggests the Boomerang Bar was initially founded by an Australian. Who else would call his bar a boomerang? The original founder and owner of the bar has since moved on but his small boomerang still hangs on the wall. The drink prices at this bar are reasonable. It will cost you around 50 baht for a small Singha beer.

The bar has a pool table and the games are free. Be aware that some of the girls are quite skillful at the game so be prepared to lose a wager if you are that way inclined. As with most of the bars in Soi 7 the Boomerang bar has a sound system which is sometimes cranked up a little too loud for comfort. This is especially the case if they are not playing your favorite song. However with a big smile on your dial and a pleasant manner you might be able to convince the mammasan to fiddle with the volume control.

If you want to learn more about the bar girls and prices in Soi 7 and all over Pattaya then I suggest you download this revealing report about the Pattaya nightlife. At the time that these photos were taken at the Soi 7 Boomerang Bar the girls were in a playful mood as you will notice when you view these pictures. Hope you enjoy the slide show.

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